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Finishes & Colours

Ash finish on Formed Beton Tile

Ash Finish

Rust finish on Beton Tile

Rust Finish

Formed Beton

Formed Beton

Aged finish on Beton Tile

Aged Finish

Copper finish on Arabesque Panel

Copper Finish

Bronze finish on Erosion Panel

Bronze Finish

Rust finish on Majorca Panel

Rust Finish

Rust finish on Rainfall Panel

Rust Finish

Cracked Paint on Eco Pine Panel

Cracked Paint Finish

Charcoal colour on Erosion Panel


Flat Patina


Blue Stone

Mica on Blue Stone 

Lineas Panel in Plain Grey

Plain Grey

Mission Brown on Lineas Panel

Mission Brown

Patina finish on Beton Tile


Blue Stone colour on Soulages Panel

Blue Stone

Monument colour on Madera Panel


Silver Arabesque


Copper Aurora


Nicci Bluestone

Blue Stone

Beton Patina



Nicci x Coffe Liqueur Base

Coffee Liqueur


Nicci x Flow Base


Beton Tile in Travertine


Nicci Ash

Ash Finish


Unleash Your Design Vision: Endless Finishes for Roctex Textured Wall Panels

At Roctex, we understand that the perfect wall goes beyond texture. Colour and finish play a vital role in setting the mood and achieving your desired aesthetic. That's why we offer a virtually limitless selection of finishes to complement our stunning range of textured wall panels.

Pre-Painted in Your Dulux Dream Colour

Every Roctex panel comes pre-painted in your choice of any colour from the vast Dulux range. This ensures a flawless, professional finish that seamlessly integrates with your existing interior design scheme. Whether you crave a bold pop of colour or a calming neutral tone, Dulux has the perfect shade to bring your vision to life.

Special Finishes for a Touch of Luxury

For those seeking a truly unique statement piece, we offer a range of captivating special finishes:

  • Metallic Marvels: Transform your space with the brilliance of metallic finishes. Choose from classic Gold, Silver, and Copper, or explore other metallic options to create a touch of modern sophistication.
  • Rustic Charm: Embrace the natural beauty of a Rust or patina finish. These finishes add depth and character, perfect for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Textured Perfection with Flow, Travertine, or Coffee Liqueur

Indulge in the beauty of pre-finished textured options like Flow, Travertine, or Coffee Liqueur. These finishes add a touch of dimension and visual intrigue to your wall panels, eliminating the need for additional painting.

The Freedom to Create is Yours

With our extensive selection of finishes, the design possibilities are endless. Contact Roctex today to discuss your vision and explore the perfect finish to elevate your textured wall panels to the next level.