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The ultimate lightweight decorative panel

ROCTEX is an Australian creation, lovingly hand-crafted and moulded from non-toxic, eco-friendly materials which make it a premium product of exceptional quality and endurance.

We live on the edge of design and because we’re so passionate about what we do, we’re inspired to stay ahead of the curve and exceed the standards set by industry demands. Our commitment to ongoing research and development ensures that we are always introducing new designs, incorporating the latest, time- and energy-efficient techniques in our production processes while also using the highest quality environmentally-friendly ingredients.

We know that ROCTEX is one of a kind, providing you with a decorative wall panel that is lightweight, flexible and easy to install.

Available in a wide variety of 3d designs, colours and decorative finishes including metallic paints and rust finishes, ROCTEX can be used for almost any interior or exterior wall panelling. ROCTEX is suitable for feature walls and ceilings, columns, bar fronts, fireplaces, in bathrooms, as artworks and bedheads, alfrescos, fencing – your imagination is your limit!

Installation has never been so easy.

Why do homeowners choose ROCTEX Textured Wall Panels?

We understand that you have many choices when choosing surface panels for your project so here are a few advantages offered by ROCTEX Textured Wall Panels.

Interior and exterior applications

Whether you need wall panels for a designed wall in bedroom or the exterior of your house, ROCTEX is suitable for any indoor or outdoor environment. The possibilities are endless.

Easy non-mechanical installation

Very user-friendly, can be applied onto any substrate, even studs. Panels are cut onsite with a panel saw to desired size and easily fixed with an industrial adhesive by a tiler; saving time and labour costs.

For our wall panels installation guide click here.

Durable and resilient

Highly resistant to water and moisture ROCTEX will not expand, warp or bow. Its suitable in bathrooms and kitchens, but not as a water feature or in a shower recess.

Insect repellent

Resistant to termites, other bugs and bacteria.

UV resistant

Suitable for all environments, ROCTEX has been tested and proven resistant to the hottest of climates, wet, moist and dry.

Structural integrity

ROCTEX has an inbuilt structure and therefore will not shatter if broken, compared to other products such as tiles.


ROCTEX is slightly flexible which makes the installation easier on uneven surfaces and prevents panels from cracking.

Low maintenance

ROCTEX is easy to clean with soap and water if needed.

No aftercare required

No further finishing or care required after installation. No paint, no varnish, no drying.


We take our environmental policy very seriously and are constantly trying to minimise our ecological footprint by using all non-toxic, non-gas emitting ingredients. For our environmental statement click here.

Unlimited colour choice from Dulux

We have additional metallic, aged and rust finishes. We also offer other options for customisation and specialised finishes. The colour is mixed within the ingredients therefore if chipped, damage is less visible on ROCTEX Textured Wall Panels. You are also able to paint over the product if a change of aesthetic is desired in the future.

Nationwide availability through our distributor network

We're proud to offer our Textured Wall Panels to customers all across Australia through our distributors network, including major cities like Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Darwin, and Canberra. We also deliver to regional centres across the country, so no matter where you're located, you can enjoy our top-quality product

Our Commitment to You

ROCTEX Textured Wall Panels not only provide you with an exceptional product but also a highly experienced team that is passionate about creativity and collaboration, as well as improvement and decorative solutions. Production is fast and reliable, and ROCTEX is competitively priced.

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