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Beton Tile in Travertine Ivory Bauhaus Formed Rust Patina Ash
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Roctex Beton Tile: Harmonising Concrete Wall Elegance with Eco-Innovation for Cutting-Edge Design

Roctex’s Beton Tile represents the zenith of modern design, ingeniously marrying the rugged allure of concrete with a commitment to sustainability. These tiles, designed to emulate the sophisticated texture of aged concrete, offer unparalleled finesse and adaptability for both interior and exterior applications. Emblematic of Roctex's pledge to innovative, eco-friendly design solutions, the Beton Tile is a beacon of excellence for contemporary architectural and interior design demands.

Core Specifications of Beton Tile

  • Dimensions: Each tile is a model of symmetry, sized at 675mm by 675mm, facilitating a smooth, cohesive aesthetic flow.
  • Thickness: Balancing sturdiness with elegance, the tiles feature a 10-12mm profile, ensuring durability without sacrificing style.
  • Weight: At just about 7.5kg for that size, these tiles redefine versatility and installation convenience.

Unique Attributes of Beton Tile

The Beton Tile sets itself apart with attributes meticulously aligned with the rigorous standards of today's design professionals:

  • Aesthetic Charm: The Beton Tile delivers the raw, evocative appeal of concrete while boasting the practical benefits of a lighter, more flexible material. This blend makes it an exemplary choice for vibrant spaces that demand both functionality and aesthetic depth.
  • Versatility & Fire Safety: Uniquely versatile, the Beton Tile is not only ideal for interior accents and exterior cladding but is also fire-rated, making it safe for use around chimneys and other high-heat areas. This concrete wall panel merges safety with style, ensuring peace of mind alongside design innovation.
  • Eco-conscious Design: True to Roctex’s green principles, the Beton Tile is crafted from environmentally benign materials, significantly reducing the ecological footprint without compromising quality.
  • Durability: Engineered to be water-resistant and compliant with the highest fire safety standards, these concrete wall panels promise enduring beauty and safety, enhancing their desirability.
  • Customisation: Along with natural raw concrete look, we are offering a broad palette of pre-painted colours and finishes, Beton Tile allows for deep customisation, enabling design visions to come to life with precision.
  • Ease of Installation & Maintenance: The tiles are designed for straightforward installation on a variety of surfaces. Their lightweight design simplifies handling, making the setup process efficient. Additionally, Beton Tile’s low-maintenance surface ensures its aesthetic appeal and texture are preserved over time with minimal effort.

Manufacturing Excellence

Proudly crafted in Sydney, Australia, Roctex's Beton Tile panels stand as a testament to Australian innovation, merging modern techniques with a commitment to quality and environmental care. This production ethos guarantees that Beton Tile not only meets but also exceeds the expectations of discerning designers and architects.

Elevating Spaces with Beton Tile

Opting for Roctex’s Beton Tile in your next project is a statement of your dedication to design excellence and environmental responsibility. Its premium concrete aesthetic introduces a sophisticated, textured layer to any setting, making it an optimal selection for those seeking to combine contemporary style with sustainability. Whether it's crafting a striking interior wall or specifying robust cladding for an outdoor facade, especially around chimneys, Beton Tile offers unmatched versatility and aesthetic appeal, solidifying Roctex's leadership in the design materials industry.